Accelerating the Slow Fashion Revolution

We strive to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing the premier one-stop platform that unites fashion lovers and local businesses into a sustainable circular ecosystem.


r5 concept


The Responsible Fashion Circle unites services around all 5 Rs into a circular economy providing a one-stop platform for fashion lovers and local Swiss businesses.

HOW does it work?

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r5 - responsible fashion circle


The aim of the r5 project is to reshape the way we consume fashion today.


How come? 

We want to look and feel good. That's why we all love fashion.

And fast fashion offers us a great temptation: new looks for little money, as often as we like.

But not all consumers are aware about the enormous negative impact this has on our planet. 

The Swiss average consumer has more than 120 items in the closet and continuously adds new pieces every year. Only 40% of the items are used and the rest ends up in the landfills too quickly. In 2018, the fashion consumption lead to 54'000 tons of waste in Switzerland only.


We want to stop that.


We have a vision: reducing the fashion footprint to zero. 

For you as a fashion consumer, we empower you to improve your styles, sell or share your pre-loved fashion pieces, sustainability secrets and your best memories with the circle members.

For you as a local Swiss businesses, our services will enable you to tap into a responsible community of potential target clients. With that you gain access to growth and online engagement opportunities.


The shocking negative impact of the fast fashion industry on our planet initiated our call to action and mission to come up with a novel business idea.


With backgrounds in finance, fashion and customer experience and a passion for sustainability we joined forces to stop the overconsumption madness.

Recognizing our disruptive potential, we have been hand-selected as one of the 2019 Circular Economy ImpactHub winners. Lately, we have concluded the concept phase and are now entering into the early go to market prototyping.


We respect your privacy.



the responsible fashion circle

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